Let Lotus Seeds Be The Perfect Companion For Your Everyday Meal

Hạt sen Đồng Tháp
Lotus is one of the most popular aquatic plants that you can find in the Asian parts of the world. While the flower that grows on the plant is used for excellent decorative purposes, the lotus seeds are used extensively as superfood elements for centuries now. China happens to be the largest producer of lotus seeds in the world and these seeds are used widely in the food and medicine industries. The largest consumers of these seeds include the south-east Asian countries which include Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and of course, India.
The value that lotus seeds hold with respect to their utility in medicinal practices makes them an essential element. They have active properties which aid in the treatment of diuretics, inflammation, and even serious diseases like cancer. Apart from that, lotus seeds can also plan an active role in treating ailments including poor digestion, insomnia, chronic diarrhea, palpitations, and so on. Thus, owing to their immense medicinal value, it is essential to add lotus seeds into your regular diet as an effective health booster.

What Are The Nutritional Upsides To Lotus Seeds?

Lotus seeds are packed with nutritional elements which make them an excellent choice for a healthy diet. It has a high content of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins including vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E along with essential minerals like potassium and sodium. They have good amounts of phytochemicals present in them which also have strong antioxidant traits and inflammatory properties. These nutrition-packed seeds can be consumed raw, roasted or they can be ground and boiled into a paste or syrup after being peeled.
The extracts that are obtained from the different parts of this water plant such as its stems, roots, leaves, and most importantly its seeds definitely hold some major benefits to the body. The seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants which play a very crucial role in keeping the body safe from multiple diseases. The radical scavenging property of these seeds can be of great benefit to the body as it can reduce the risk of several grave diseases including cancer. Moreover, the seeds also exhibit immune-modulatory as well as anti-inflammatory properties and activities.
The properties that are found in lotus seeds differentiate them heavily from any other regular nuts and seeds. The high content of minerals and vitamins with low content of fats and sodium makes them a perfect fit for any diet. Moreover, they have vast uses based on their nutritional contents. The high magnesium levels paired with the low sodium levels make them an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity. Apart from that, the healing properties of lotus seeds also make them an excellent food for consumption.

What Are The Major Health Benefits Of Lotus Seeds?

Some of the key benefits that are offered by Lotus seeds are as follows:

  • Prevents Inflammation: One of the most pronounced benefits of consuming Lotus seeds is that, it is very helpful in preventing inflammation. It is known to contain a certain kind of naturally occurring flavonoid known as kaempferol. This flavonoid is also commonly found in coffee and it is very effective in preventing inflammation as well as aging issues. Not only that, but lotus seeds can also work excellently as a substitute for coffee when they are roasted. Moreover, lotus seeds are packed with disease-fighting nutrients known as phytonutrients which include alkaloids, gallic acid as well as saponins.
  • Low Glycemic Index: Another very important factor that makes lotus seeds an extremely good choice for your diet is that they have a significantly low glycemic index than most other carbohydrate foods including bread, rice, and so on. Owing to this property of the lotus seeds, they hold some beneficial effects on the health of diabetic individuals. Therefore, lotus seeds serve as the appropriate food for them.
  • Gluten-Free Supplement For Protein: For anyone who is in need of an alternative item for their protein supplement needs that is also gluten-free, lotus seeds are the best choice. In addition to that, lotus seeds are an excellent potential nutraceutical and pharmaceutical source as well. By grounding it and blending it with other nutritionally rich legumes including daals and soybean and can act as excellent food. This combination is an excellent way to develop a gluten-free but low-cost protein-rich food supplement which can be very helpful in fighting malnutrition.
  • Enhances Kidney Health: Lotus seeds have always found extensive use in the Ayurveda, owing to their highly beneficial astringent properties. These properties are highly beneficial in restoring the condition of the kidneys and offering them the vital nutrients they require to function smoothly.
  • Anti-aging Properties: Finally, a certain enzyme is found in lotus seeds. This enzyme plays an active role in boosting the health of the proteins found in the body. Moreover, they can also be very effective in repairing the damaged proteins of the body. Thus, with the healing effect, lotus seeds can stop the signs of aging from showing on your skin.
  • Key To Weight Loss: In addition to all the points, Lotus seeds also stand out to be an excellent option if you are looking for a snacking option that aids in weight loss as well. Being low in calories, lotus seeds are an excellent choice to tackle your hunger pangs without disrupting your diet.

Lotus seeds

How To Eat Lotus Seeds?

When it comes to eating Lotus seeds, there are several ways that you can follow to consume them. No matter how you wish to have it, be it raw, grounded, roasted, boiled, or in the form of a paste or syrup; lotus seeds or ‘makhna’ can fit every need efficiently. Lotus seeds find their needs most commonly in the form of pastes. This paste form finds extensive use in Japanese desserts as well as Chinese cuisines and pastries.
On the other hand, dry lotus seeds can also be consumed regularly. All you will have to do is, soak the lotus seeds in water overnight, and then, you can directly add them to soups, salads, or any dish of your choice. Apart from that, lotus seeds are also used as puffed seeds. Especially when these puffed seeds are drily roasted, they make an amazing. Puffed seeds can be used in several other dishes such as curries, puddings, kheers, and so on.
Disclaimer: The information on this website should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. Contact a health expert if you have questions about your health.

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