What are the benefits of eating lotus seeds?

Lotus seeds are not simply a refreshing tea, but also support the treatment of indigestion, weakness, slow down the aging process… Especially, eating lotus seeds is easy to sleep, because in food This contains glucoside and some alkaline substances to help with sedation.
1. Lotus seeds have anti-inflammatory effects
The composition of lotus seeds contains kaempferol, a natural flavonoid that helps antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and infection. Therefore, many doctors recommend that postpartum women should eat a lot of lotus seeds to heal wounds quickly.
2. Eat lotus seeds to sleep easily
According to traditional medicine, eating lotus seeds is easy to sleep because this food contains glucoside and some alkaline substances to help sedation and sleep.
If you eat lotus seeds in the evening, your body will increase insulin production, so you will fall asleep more easily. In addition to lotus seeds, using lotus heart to make tea every day is very effective in treating insomnia.
3. Supplement for pregnant women and unborn babies
This is a good food for pregnant women and fetuses if you still wonder “what are the benefits of eating lotus seeds”. According to research, lotus seeds contain a large amount of protein, so if pregnant women use this seed, they will have a healthy pregnancy.
It has been calculated that in 100 grams of fresh lotus there will be 162 grams of calories; 30 grams of glucose; 9.5 grams of protein and some vitamins of groups A, C… These nutrients help to secure pregnancy, prevent miscarriage and stimulate the brain development of the fetus.
4. Lotus seeds help beautify the skin
Lotus seeds have the ability to fight inflammation, reduce sebum, unclog pores, so women often use this food to prevent acne, keep skin smooth and healthy.
In particular, lotus seeds provide a large amount of glucose, lipids, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins… these are minerals that have an effective effect on exfoliation and blood circulation, thereby helping the skin. whiter, smoother.
5. Anti-aging skin from lotus seeds
Besides the ability to restore the skin, the enzyme L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase also helps to slow down the aging process through the repair of the protein system.
6. Regulate cholesterol and blood sugar
In lotus seeds there is a large amount of fiber that helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar. Therefore, many doctors recommend that patients with diabetes should consume lotus seeds at least 3 times a week.
In addition, the alkaloid and isoquinoline components in lotus heart will help widen blood vessels, thereby helping to reduce high blood pressure.
7. Improve the digestive system from dried lotus seeds
This is a food that improves the digestive system if you are wondering what is the effect of eating dried lotus seeds. Currently, fast foods are very popular, causing many people to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, such as stomach ulcers, diarrhea, constipation … However, the antioxidants in lotus seeds can help prevent and improve disease.
8. Protect the urinary tract
When eating lotus seeds, the body will increase the excretion of melamine, especially the compound palmitic acid methyl ester, which helps the urinary tract to be smooth, without sediment.
In summary, with many good effects in medicine, lotus seeds are used as a home remedy to relieve digestive problems, support the treatment of insomnia, body weakness, indigestion.. Therefore, it is possible to process many dishes from lotus seeds such as porridge, tea, salad, … to diversify your daily menu as well as improve your health.

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